2/20/2014 Twin Cities Metro Area Evening Winter Storm B-Roll

The Twin Cities metro area is surrounded by blizzard warnings but in the metro area, the winds were slightly calmer but the roads were still a mess.

Footage shot in Minneapolis, MN and Burnsville, MN were the roads were hazardous to drive on.

Clip 1 Skyline shot of Minneapolis, MN

Clip 2 Reverse POV shot in front of a MNDot Snow Plow on Interstate 35w in Burnsville, MN

Clip 3-7 Whiteout Conditions in Minneapolis on the east side of Lake Calhoun.

Clip 8 Sign in Minneapolis showing a snow emergency was declared.

Clip 9 Close up of a tire spinning in the snow in Burnsville on Nicollet Avenue.

Clip 10 Car spinning its wheels trying to get up Nicollet Ave in Burnsville.

Clip 11 Flags blowing with part of the Minneapolis skyline in the back ground.

Clip 12 Snow plow on Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis

Clip 13 A rear wheel van spinning its wheels trying to get up a hill on Nicollet Ave in Burnsville.

Clip 14 Wide shot of the van spinning its rear tire.

Clip 15 Car getting stuck on Nicollet Avenue in Burnsville. Shot from dash camera.

Clip 16 People helping to push a car out of the snow on Nicollet Ave. One of them is wearing shorts in the winter storm.

Clip 17 Car spinning its wheels.

Clip 18 Car getting unstuck but still spinning its wheels on Nicollet Ave.

Clip 19 Snow plow on Nicollet Ave in Burnsville.

Clip 20 Car crashed on the side of interstate 494 and 169 on 494.

Clip 21 Someone riding their bike in front of the truck in the winter storm in Minneapolis.

Clip 22-23 Minneapolis Fire Truck on the scene of a power line down.

Clip 24 Powerlines sagging in the heavy snow and ice.

Clip 25 – 29 Tree's down on power lines and side walks in Minneapolis.