02/20/2014 Twin Cities Convective Snowstorm

Video Footage highlighting a Intense Convective band of heavy snowfall with rates up to 3 inches per hour at its peak as it moved over the Twin Cities Metro area at rush hour.

Video Footage Includes;

1. MNDOT Multi Gang plow units plowing interstate I-35W near Minneapolis, coming and away from camera.

2. Lady brushing the heavy wet snow from her vehicle at a local school.

3. Elderly man hand shoveling the heavy wet snow from his driveway with neighbors snow blowing.

4. MSP Airport plane De-Icing and snow removal footage shots with a plane being deiced in intense heavy wet snow and low visibilities during a weather delay ground stop!

5. Multiple POV shots of local snow plows fighting to keep the roadways clear.

6.Police closing a roadway and escorting a snowplow due to severe icing on the roadway with shots of the scene and close ups of the sanding unit.

7. Many driving shots from around Minneapolis during the peak to the heavy convective snow bands.