2/5/2014 Purdue University Snowy B-Roll

Filmed in the Lafayette, IN region in Purdue University and surrounding Tippecanoe County.

Scene 1: An INDOT snowplow pulls a smaller snowplow out of a snow bank.

Scene 2: A man with a snow blower clears the sidewalk with American flag in background.

Scene 3: Purdue University sign with light snow fall.

Scene 4: A bobcat works to clear a parking lot on Purdue University Campus.

Scene 5: Icicles hang precariously from a building on Purdue Campus.

Scene 6: "Attention Falling Snow" sign warns pedestrians of the dangerous ice above.

Scene 7: Neil Armstrong statue in light snowfall with caution tape in ice fall zone.

Scene 8: Wide panning shot of ice on Purdue University building.

Scene 9: Man clearing sidewalk with snow blower.

Scene 10: Man shoveling snowfall.

Scene 11: Traffic in Lafayette, IN.

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