1/27/2014 Stearns County, MN Blizzard Snow Drift Cleanup

Minnesota Highway 28 that runs through Stearns County and the city of Sauk Centrre, MN was shut down this morning do to the massive snow drifts that were left behind after the Blizzard on Sunday.

TRT 4:16

Clip 1 Highway 28 Sign covered by a snow drift.

Clip 2 Massive front end loader with a snow blower unit on the front stuck in the snow drift.

Clip 3-4 MNDOT Snow plow getting ready to pull the snow blower out of the ditch.

Clip 5 Snow plow pulling the snow blower out of the snow bank and ditch and back onto the road and then a massive plow drives towards the camera.

Clip 6 POV shot following MNDOT plow busting through the snow drifts on Highway 28.

Clip 7 Someone using a mini tractor to clear the snow out from their driveway.

Clip 8 POV shot passing MNDOT snow plow

Clip 9 Massive snow drifts on Highway 28 east of Sauk Centre

Clip 10 Massive snow drifts look more like mountains covering Highway 28

Clip 11 Blowing snow across Highway 28

Clip 12 Snow drift behind the Highway 28 sign

Clip 13-14  Blowing snow across Highway 28

Clip 15 Power lines and a field of snow in the bright afternoon sub zero sun.

Clip 16 Pull back shot of the Highway 28 sign covered in snow with the snow drifts covering the road.

Clip 17 Jeep parked next to the snow drifts on Highway 28

Clip 18 Pull back shot from the Jeep to show the huge snow drifts on Highway 28

Clip 19 The bright afternoon sun in the sub zero temps over an open field

Clip 20 Bobcat with a front end bucket on highway 28

Clip 21 Massive snow drift on highway 28

Clip 22 POV Drive by shot of the massive snow drifts.