1/26/2014 MN ND Blizzard in Rural ND and MN

B-Roll footage of the Blizzard conditions hitting the Fargo ND and Morehead, MN area.

Clip 1: Highway 75 in Moorhead MN
Clip 2: Near Kragness, MN Township Road
Clip 3: Getting Passed by vehicle on MN US 75
Clip 4: Farmstead Near Gardner, ND
Clip 5: Cass County Highway 34 sign
Clip 6: Another shot of Cass County Highway 34 sign with snow blowing across road
Clip 7: Windmill near Gardner, ND
Clip 8: Road near Argusville, ND
Clip 9: Cass County Road 163 Ave NE
Clip 10: Cass County Highway 20 – NO visibility
Clip 11: Shoppers in Moorhead, MN
Clip 12: Cass County road 34 with snow blowing across it.