1/24/2014 Lafayette, IN Sub Zero Weather – Purdue Campus

New footage from Terrance Terrence Cook´╗┐ of the sub zero weather conditions in Lafayette, IN

West Lafayette deals with another round of brutal cold including a Wind Chill Advisory with -5F air temperatures and -20F wind chill. Students are eager to get out after a long battle with Winter regardless of dangerous conditions.

Filmed within Lafayette and West Lafayette, IN.

Scene 1: Circumzenithal Arc over the Tippecanoe courthouse during a diamond dust event in downtown Lafayette.

Scene 2: 1F reading on the Long Center sign in downtown Lafayette.

Scene 3: Pedestrian with face covered during single digit temperatures in Lafayette.

Scene 4: Bank sign with -4F reading and traffic on Wabash river bridge.

Scene 5: Close-up of -4F bank sign.

Scene 6: Traffic on hillside in Lafayette.

Scene 7: Traffic on campus in West Lafayette.

Scene 8: Students crossing the road on Purdue campus.

Scene 9: Students entering a bar on Purdue campus with traffic in background.

Scene 10: Distant pollution fills the horizon as students wander Purdue campus.

Scene 11: Traffic at busy intersection on Purdue campus.

Scene 12: A group of college students ride in the back of a pick-up in -5F air temp/ -20F Wind Chill on Purdue campus.

Scene 13: College students riding in pick-up down side street on Purdue campus.

Scene 14: Wide shot of -5F on Long Center sign in downtown Lafayette.

Scene 15: Close-up shot of -5F on Long Center sign in downtown Lafayette.

Scene 16: American flags dancing in 5-10 mph winds with -15 to -25 wind chills on the pedestrian bridge on the Wabash River.

Scene 17: Ice flow on Wabash River with traffic on nearby bridge.

Scene 18: Time Lapse of ice flow on Wabash River.

Scene 19: Slow pan of American flags dancing in the wind on the pedestrian bridge with Tippecanoe courthouse in background.