1/6/2014 Freezing Anti-Freeze B-Roll

With the prolonged extreme cold temperatures in the Upper Midwest, and double digit negative highs for most of Minnesota, here is an extreme cold example for vehicles that do not have strong enough Anti-Freeze in their cooling system.

The antifreeze used in this video was from a vehicle that was purchased from Kansas and was not winterized for the extreme Minnesota winters.  

Clip 1 Showing current temp of -23F

Clip 2 Look live shot describing how cold it is and the anti-freeze

Clip 3 Setting up the freezing shot anti-freeze shot

Clip 4 A thirty minute time lapse in 9 seconds

Clip 5 Exit out of time lapse to show the frozen Anti-freeze

Clip 6 Look Live shot explaining what just happened to the Antifreeze

Clip 7 Truck that has it's block heater plugged  and starting the engine which sounds rough

Clip 8 Exhaust from a tail pipe in the -20s temps

Clip 9 Blooper, never drink out of a glass bottle in -22 temps, you will freeze your lips.