Brand new winter storm footage from central Indiana

New footage from Simon Brewer of the powerful snow storm dumps heavy wet snow over a foot deep over Central Indiana including Indianapolis, Fortville, and Knightstown, IN. Near zero visibility and deep snow-covered roads makes driving hazardous for many travelers. Vehicles struggle to drive on snowy roads with many losing control becoming trapped in ditches.

Scene 1: Snow plow clearing parking lot while snowing in Northeast Indianapolis

Scene 2: Heavy snow falling with traffic light and cars passing by in northeastern Indianapolis

Scene 3: Man shoveling deep snow in northeastern Indianapolis with heavy snow falling

Scenes 4-5: Vehicles struggling to drive through deep snow on I-69 northeast of Indianapolis

Scenes 6-8: Vehicles trapped in deep snow after sliding off I-69 northeast of Indianapolis

Scene 9: Heavy wet snow clings to trees and covers road near Fortville, IN

Scene 10: Semi-truck on deep snow-covered road near Fortville, IN

Scene 11: Car stranded in deep snow on rural road near Fortville, IN

Scenes 12-15: shots of heavy wet snow on roads and trees near Fortville, IN

Scenes 16-17: shots of snow-covered roads, vehicles driving, and man shoveling snow in Fortville, IN

Scenes 18-24: Several shots of vehicles trapped in heavy snow after sliding off I-70 with emergency vehicles present near Knightstown, IN. Slow motion shot of Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame highway sign with heavy snow falling.