1/6/2014 Lafayette Indiana Arctic Outbreak B-Roll

Following a foot of snowfall the Greater Lafayette, IN region begins recovery as the coldest airmass in 20 years descends upon the area with -15 air temperatures and a Wind Chill Warning for -30 to -45 wind chills. All video shot in Lafayette and West Lafayette, IN around Purdue University campus.

Scene 1: American flag with diamond dust display including halo, sundogs.

Scene 2: Birds eating old apples during the heaviest snowfall.

Scene 3: Man shoveling snow at sunrise.

Scene 4: Snowman on bench.

Scene 5: Snowplow in early morning.

Scene 6: Snow Emergency Route sign with traffic.

Scene 7: Drifting of snow on bridge before sunrise.

Scene 8: Traffic in near white-out conditions in blowing snow.

Scene 9: Snowplow from bridge overpass.

Scene 10: Girl shoveling snow for parking spot.

Scene 11: Bike rack full of snow covered bikes.

Scene 12: Car entombed in snow drift.

Scene 13: Bobcat clearing sidewalk.

Scene 14: Heavy equipment dumping snow in dump truck.

Scene 15: Car entombed in snow on major road way.

Scene 16: Heavy equipment clearing snow with entombed car in foreground.

Scene 17: Residential building with Sun optics in sky above.

Scene 18: Dramatic industrial smoke stack with atmospheric optics including, Halo, Sundogs, circumzenithal arc.

Scene 19: Tippecanoe Courthouse with snow on trees.

Scene 20: Tippecanoe Courthouse with snow on trees.

Scene 21: Man walking in down town Lafayette.

Scene 22: Wabash river with Ice flow.

Scene 23: Wabash River with bridge and ice flow.

Scene 24: Sundial with American flag.

Scene 25: Sundial with atmospheric optics in background.