1/6/2013 Saint Cloud, MN Extreme Cold Wind Chills and freezing ice cubes in 20 minutes

With more extreme cold and wind chill values dropping down into the minus 50F range tonight, the extreme cold is starting to get old for the upper midwest.

Clip 1 Dressed in what looks like a space suit, I open the door to the outside air and the clash of air from inside and outside creates fog in the doorway.

Clip 2 In the truck, the outside air temp reads -24F

Clip 3 Look Live shot talking about the cold and making icecubes

Clip 4 Timelapse of water that was 80F freezing solid in the -23F temps at the Saint Cloud Airport. Time lapse is about 20 minutes in 8 seconds.

Clip 5 Look live shot holding up the ice cube tray and the ice cubes.  

Clip 6 Outside temp reading showing -27

Clip 7-8 Flags blowing in the wind.

Clip 9 Outside air temp showing -28F

Clip 10 Flag blowing in the wind.