12/30/2013 Minneapolis, MN cold afternoon snow B-roll

With the temps barely getting above freezing today in Minneapolis, MN, the lite snow made for slick roadways and the persistent cold it starting to get old.

Clip 01 Skyline shot form Nicollet Mall

Clip 02 Shot showing the current time and temp

Clip 03 People at a bus stop in Minneapolis looking cold.

Clip 04 Blowing snow on Interstate 94/694 heading into Minneapolis

Clip 05 A roll over wreck on Interstate 94

Clip 06 Tight shot of Exhaust that froze to the tail pipe of a car.

Clip 07 POV drive by of another wreck on Interstate 94 in Minneapolis

Clip 08 People in Minneapolis bundled up for the cold.

Clip 09 Traffic in Minneapolis

Clip 10 People in Minneapolis in the cold

Clip 11 A couple walking in the cold and he tossed snow at her for fun.

Clip 12 Woman walking into Brits Pub looking cold

Clip 13 Woman walking in the cold

Clip 14 Two women walking in the cold.