12/28/2013 Western MN Ground Blizzard B-Roll

B-roll video package highlighting the significant Ground Blizzard conditions within the Blizzard Warning areas of far Western Minnesota and Southeastern North Dakota.

Video footage includes:
1:Ripped and damaged wind whipped flags tearing apart in the 50MPH+ ground blizzard wind gusts near Browns Valley Minnesota.

2:Severe Ground Blizzard conditions being realized across Big Stone County Minnesota near the South Dakota border with measured wind gusts to 53MPH and blinding falling & Blowing and drifting snow across the highway.

3.POV shot of motorists struggling to keep vehicles on the roadway in the severe blizzard crosswinds and greatly reduced visibilities to less than a quarter of a mile.

Footage also includes roadway sings bending and rocking severely in the high winds as well as hoar frost covered tress bending and swaying in the severe gusts.