12/28/2013 Fergus Falls, MN Overnight Blizzard Conditions

A very powerful winter storm system is blasting into central Minnesota during the overnight hours.  

The system brought winds over 40 miles per hour and wind chill values where the Celsius and Fahrenheit values meet in the in the -42C and -42F rage.

Parts of the area are still under a Blizzard Watch through this morning.

Total Run Time: 3:45

Clip 1 POV Driving on Interstate 94 in near whiteout conditions in the blizzard when the tail lights of the traffic in front of me come into sight about 200 feet in front of me.

Clip 2 POV Car in the ditch and pan back to traffic with low visibility.

Clip 3 At 10:21 at night in Fergus Falls, MN the temp had already dropped to -9F  B-Roll of sign with time and temp

Clip 4 Flag at the Fergus Falls Airport blowing straight out and even up.

Clip 5 Wind blowing snow across the taxiway at the Fergus Falls Airport.

Clip 6 Extreme winds blowing snow in front of the vehicle.

Clip 7 Extreme winds blowing snow across a snow bank with a stop sign.

Clip 8 Stop sign blowing in the wind

Clip 9 Wind blowing snow across the field.

Clip 10 Looking back towards the headlights of the Jeep, the winds are raging with gusts over 40mph.

Clip 11 High winds blowing snow over the road.

Clip 12 – 14 High winds blowing snow over a snow bank and covering the road.

Clip 15 Looking back towards the Jeep at the high winds blowing the snow bank across the road.

Clip 16 POV Driving in the snow

Clip 17 POV Driving in almost whiteout conditions.

Clip 18 Traffic crawling in the very low visibility on Interstate 94 and driving with their hazard lights on.

Clip 19 Wind blowing snow over a guard rail and then pans to the left with traffic in the near whiteout conditions.

Clip 20 Sign for Interstate 94 and Moorhead MN.

Clip 21 Parked in whiteout conditions.

Clip 22 POV stop sign with blowing snow

Clip 23 POV Driving in whiteout conditions.

Clip 24 POV shot of the Otter Tail County sign with blowing snow.