12/12/2013 Twin Cities Warm Up before the brutal cold moves back.

*** Youtube Edit: Due to some scenes containing holiday music, we replaced the audio track on youtube with a generic youtube audio track provided by youtube This is only on the Youtube copy, ENG copies have the raw audio ***

Video footage package highlighting the prolonged cold wave that has taken hold on the Upper Midwest and how Minneapolis residents have pushed forward in continuing in pre-holiday and winter season outdoor activities despite the sub-arctic freezing temperatures and snow.

Video footage from the Minneapolis & St.Paul downtown areas of hearty Twin Cities residents enduring the prolonged arctic cold temperatures including, Broom ball on ice,Hockey and ice skating as well as touring the downtown Holiday park areas on foot.

Video Footage also includes a local full length Santa Claus fire truck armada in Northeast Minneapolis, as well as some of the best of the Minneapolis area holiday lights and scenes during the freezing temperatures and short days.