12/10/2013 Minneapolis, MN Overnight Snow B-Roll

Additional snow fell across the Twin Cities Metro area during the overnight hours.

Clip 1 Shot from on a bridge over Highway 169, Snow plow moving towards the camera and passing under the camera.

Clip 2 Sign on Interstate 94 warning of icy road ahead.

Clip 3 Driving POV shot in the snow on Interstate 94

Clip 4 Minneapolis Skyline shot from Hennepin Avenue.

Clip 5 Snow plow moving towards the camera on Hennepin Ave

Clip 6 Tight shot of the Hennepin Theatre District signs and the snow falling.

Clip 7 Traffic on Hennepin Ave

Clip 8- 11 Crews cleaning up snow on Hennepin Avenue

Clip 12 – 14 POV Snow Plow B-Roll

Clip 15 Snow falling with a street light