12/5/2013 Marion, IL Heavy Overnight Snow

In southern Illinois, sleet and ice were the main story across the region during the day, but when the sun went down, the changeover to snow occurred with several locations across southern Illinois receiving up to 6-inches of snow between 6pm-11pm. Snowflakes were huge at times and visibility was reduced significantly as the heaviest bands moved in.

Marion, Illinois is approximately 45 minutes south of Mt. Vernon, IL along I-57.

Scene 1: POV of a snowplow oncoming on a highway just outside of Marion.

Scene 2: Passing a tow-truck with emergency lights on the shoulder near Marion.

Scene 3-5: A minivan sitting in the median of I-57 outside of Marion. Driver unharmed.

Scene 6-8: Another vehicle in the median of I-57 north of Marion.

Scene 9: A pickup truck in the median of I-57 near Marion.

Scene 10-11: A white vehicle on the side of I-57 near Marion.

Scene 12-13: POV shots of very slow traffic approaching the Marion exit on I-57.

Scene 14-15: POV driving through very heavy snow falling at night with huge flakes.

Scene 16: POV drive shot through heavy snow with oncoming car.

Scene 17: Vehicle driving away from the camera in the snow.

Scene 18-19: Shots of heavy snow falling in the street lights of Marion.