12/5/2013 Carbondale, IL Sleet Storm Hazards B-Roll

The major winter storm moving across the country began making its impacts felt across southern IL as moderate amounts of sleet came down through the day on Thursday. Sleet in some places looked almost like snow and even brought out the snowplows to clear off roads as drivers slowly navigated area highways. This is only the beginning across the region as more ice and snow are expected to create even worse conditions by Friday afternoon.

Accumulations of sleet and ice have reached as high as a quarter-inch in areas with I-DOT reporting many ice covered roads in Jefferson, Perry, and Jackson Counties.

Shot in Carbondale, Illinois in Jackson County which sits roughly an hour from Cape Girardeau, MO and Mt. Vernon, IL. It is 100 miles south/southeast of St. Louis.

Scene 1: Establishing shot of backed up traffic going into Carbondale on US-51 with sleet covering the highway.

Scene 2: Long shot of an oncoming snow plow clearing the sleet from the roads with traffic behind it.

Scene 3: Shot as snowplow leaves Carbondale clearing sleet from the highway.

Scene 4: POV drive shot of a vehicle that slid off the sleet-covered highway just north of the Carbondale city limits. Pans to highway patrol car parked on shoulder.

Scene 5: View looking through falling sleet of highway patrol car and oncoming traffic.

Scene 6: Shot along US-51 north of Carbondale with traffic driving on sleet-covered road.

Scene 7: POV drive shot along US-51 north of Carbondale showing oncoming traffic, falling sleet.

Scene 8: Shot in Carbondale showing large amounts of sleet on roadways.

Scene 9-10: Shot of UPS driver delivering packages in moderately falling sleet.

Scene 11-13: Shot of vehicles with dark tinted windows and surfaces showing ice and sleet that has accumulated on vehicles in Carbondale.

Scene 14: Zoomed shot looking at trees with sleet falling.

Scene 15: Shot from inside vehicle as windshield wipers come on trying to clear the sleet from the windshield.