11/8/2013 Williamson County, IL Final Fall Colors

Southern IL has passed peak for Fall colors, but even after midweek rains took down the leaves of most of the trees, a few last reminders of the beauty of the season remained.  Blustery conditions early in the afternoon beneath sunny skies signaled the beginning to a lovely weekend to take in the last of the colors before next week's storm system promises much colder temperatures and possibly the region's first flakes.  The colors of Fall will give way to winter by next week.

Footage shot in and around Williamson County in southern IL, including some areas around Crab Orchard Lake.

Scene 1: Brilliant orange tree against a green pine tree with leafless trees in the background.

Scene 2-3: Shots of remnant fall color along Crab Orchard Lake.

Scene 4: Sun shining through trees near Crab Orchard Lake.

Scene 5-11: Close up shots of colored leaves.

Scene 12: Yellow and orange trees blowing in the breeze.

Scene 13: Red colored leaves.

Scene 14-19: Trees in fields across southern Williamson County.