10/31/2013 Stonefort, IL overnight Tornado Aftermath B-Roll

New footage in from the tornado damage in Stonefort, IL from Tony Laubach.

Severe storms and tornadoes move through the Mississippi Valley region after dark on Halloween leaving a lot tricks behind.

A line of storms developed in Missouri and pushed across the river into southern Illinois prompting tornado warnings as several reports of tornadoes from a storm that moved across Williamson and Saline Counties. This storm clipped the small town of Stonefort, Illinois doing minor damage to the extreme southwest part of the town as it moved east.

Damage was mostly limited to a few homes with partial roof removals, a tipped over shed, and numerous large trees blocking roads. US-45 was closed for about 30 minutes after the storm as crews quickly removed tree debris from the highway. Crews were able to clear most of the roads within an hour of the storm. No injuries or fatalities were reported in Stonefort.

TRT – 5:07

Scene 1: Long shot of a bulldozer trying to drive over a large tree.

Scene 2: Bulldozer clearing a large tree.

Scene 3: Panned shot from people and vehicle in road wide to a large tree blocking their path.

Scene 4: Panned shot of a 3ft diameter tree down across one of the town roads.

Scene 5: Residents standing amidst tree debris.

Scene 6-7: Shots of tree debris across the front porch of a home.

Scene 8-10: Shots of tipped over shed at a home in Stonefort.

Scene 11-12: Shots of people amidst the debris of trees near a home.

Scene 13: Shot of vehicles navigating tree debris in road.

Scene 14: Emergency crews along US-45 on the southwest side of town.

Scene 15: Vehicles with tree debris littering roadway.

Scene 16: A 3ft. diameter tree blocking a town road.

Scene 17: Panned shot from part of a roof to the house it came off of.

Scene 18: Static shot of roof piece in the rain.

Scene 19-21: Shots of metal debris from homes.

Scene 22-26: Various shots of snapped trees and debris.


Remaining footage of same storm earlier when it moved through Carbondale.

The final six scenes were taken from the storm as it moved through Carbondale and would later produce the damage down the road in Stonefort. Shots include heavy rains and minor street flooding.