10/14/2013 Hodgeman County, Kansas Severe Storm B-Roll

Severe thunderstorms rolled through western Kansas on Monday evening dropping up to quarter sized hail and producing a reported 70mph wind gust in Hodgeman County, Kansas. The hail footage was shot in the town of Hanston, KS. Quarter sized hail was reported 9 miles northwest of town.

TRT – 1:50

Shot List

1) Hail, wind, and rain roll into the town of Hanston, Kansas along highway 156.

2,3,4,5) Clips of hail falling in the town of Hanston, Kansas.

6) Gust front shot.

7) Storm structure shot.

8) Gust front shot.

9) Close up on gust front as it is nearly overhead.

10) Underneath shot of gust front at a county road intersection.

11) Gust front over a dirt road.

12) Pan shot on gust front.

13) Cattle in a field with turbulent clouds approaching.

14) Storm tower and base at sunset.