New storm footage from south Central Kansas of severe storms.

A severe thunderstorm developed northwest of Wichita, Kansas and tracked east producing large hail and damaging winds.

TRT – 2:58

Shot list

1) Hail that had fallen west of Burrton, Kansas.

2,3) Strong thunderstorm winds and heavy rain.

4) Lightning shots.

5) Time-lapse shot on thunderstorm and lightning.

6) Pan shot along thunderstorm gust front.

7) Storm base and lightning.

8,9) POV shots driving in rain.

10) POV shot driving towards storm base.

11) Gust front shot.

12) Strong winds along gust front.

13) Traffic along highway 50 traveling in rain.

14) Rain and small hail falling in the town of Burrton.

15) Flag and wind shot.

16) POV shot driving towards gust front.

17) Thunderstorm tower to the east.

18) Storm base shot.