9/14/2013 Big Thompson River, Damn Store Aftermath Footage

New aftermath footage from Colorado's Big Thompson River Dam Store area from my guy that just got back down from up there show massive devastation.

The opening scenes of video start at the mouth of the big thompson canyon where highway 34 once was. And also shows the control gate where the workers were cranking open valves to divert water.

The next scene is from Sylvandale Guest ranch and shows power pole down and bridge gone.

Proceeding on the next scene shows a national guard road block near highway 34 and glade road with a Blackhawk flying overhead as well.

We then transition back into the city limits of Loveland and go to the fairgrounds park and softball fields for some general shots of the river out of its banks, and Burlington northern railway beginning repairs on a major rail line that serves the front range and into Wyoming.