9/12/2013 Colorado’s Big Thompson Canyon Extreme Flooding

New extreme flooding footage from the Big Thompson Canyon between Loveland and Estes Park, Colorado

Raw footage from the front lines as a cameraman follows along with the Fire Department responing to some of the Extreme Flooding from the Big Thompson Canyon this evening between Loveland, CO and Estes Park, CO.

Land Lines and Cellular phone coverage is down and power is flashing in Estes Park, CO.

Travel is not advised, it just is impossible as Highway's 7, 34, and 36 are gone because they are just washed out.

Clip 1: Water over flowing the Damn Store at the mouth of the Big Thompson and over topping the control gate.

Long clip that shows massive flooding and workers opening more flood gates.

Clip 2: Shot of flooding sign with flooding in the background with the sign saying you are entering Big Thompson Canyon.

Clip 3: Park flooding. Footage from above the park.

Clip 4: Driving along the river in the Big Thompson Canyon.

Clip 5: Driving along the road as part of the bank is eroding. Extreme flooding in the river next to the road and then a waterfall on the side of the road on the right side.

Clip 6: POV driving shot through high water while following fire crews they were documenting.

Clip 7: Crews setting up for a rescue. Long clip that shows extreme flooding and a car that almost went into the water with skid tracks that go to the edge.

Clip 8: Shows a home getting blasted by ragging flood water. Camera pans back to the fire crews setting up with a hook and ladder truck to rescue people on the other side of the river.

Clip 9: Water blasting the side of the roadway as it undercuts the road and you can see chunks of the road fall away into the water.

Clip pans to the across the river from on top of the fire truck as crews rig up to bring more people back to safety.

Clip 10 More raging flood water and now shows the road is gone due to the flooding.

Clip 11: Further down the road that shows more raging flood water under cutting the roadway.