9/1/2013 Siesta Key, FL Stormy day at the beach

Beach goers are determined to get some beach time in this Labor Day weekend even if they have to battle the coastal thunderstorms.

HD video of beach goers battling rain on a holiday weekend in FL. run time 4:55. Money shot is at time 1:16.

Shot list:

1) Cars driving into the beach parking lot at Siesta Key Beach despite the forecast of coastal morning storms.
2) People setup on beach along the shore with an approaching storm.
3,4,5) Three shots of approaching black storm clouds over beach and water with people watching.
6) Some people making a exodus off the beach as the rain hits.
7) A family of three pops up the umbrellas as a wind picks up a beach umbrella and sends it flying down the beach where it almost hits a woman.
8) MONEY SHOT. Woman trying to hide behind a beach umbrella gets pummeled by wind driver rain. Hat blows off. Man rushes in to help her.
9) Family hides under the blue beach tent trying to hang on to it to keep the wind from blowing it away.
10) Another family lowered their beige tent trying to keep the wind from taking it.
11) Woman with umbrella and baby stroller and husband and another child while thunder rolls.
12) Young girl and her mother under beach umbrella in wind/rain while thunder rolls.
13) Another shot of people under the blue beach tent in wind/rain.
14) Couple hiding under their limp beach umbrella.
15) People under a black beach tent in rain.
16) Wide shot of a rain soaked beach with people and their beach canopies, umbrellas, and tents.
17) Couple under an orange beach umbrella with a rain flooded beach behind.
18) Wide shot of rain flooded Siesta Key beach with condos behind.
19) Family going out to beach walks through huge rain puddle with their beach gear.
20) People with beach chairs walk through huge rain puddle on beach.
21) Close shot of feet walking through puddle.
22) Shot of people walking beach with flood puddle in foreground and gulf and storm clouds behind.
23,24) Rain wet beach parking lot with cars driving looking for a open spot. Rain won't stop FL people from hitting the beach on a holiday weekend.
25,26) Two shots of flooded picnic area at north end of beach.