8/31/2013 Pope County, MN Severe Storms

Severe storms brought heavy rain, high winds and vivid lightning to west central Minnesota on Saturday afternoon.  

Footage shows the storms that hit the Pope County, MN area which is about 100 west of the Twin Cities metro area.  

Clip 01  High winds blow large construction debris across the road in front of the camera.

Clip 02 – 03 POV shots of high winds gusting over 50 miles per hour.

Clip 04 Storm front moving from the west near the town of Starbuck, MN

Clip 05 – 11 B-Roll of lightning and the storm front moving towards the camera near Starbuck, MN

Clip 12 Line of storms over taking area.

Clip 13 Lowering behind the leading edge.

Clip 14 – 15 Driving in high winds with lowering clouds

Clip 16 POV shot of very close lightning

Clip 17 Lightning after dark.