8/9/2013 Sarasota, FL PM Flooding Part 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part package.

Heavy rain from a late day sea breeze thunderstorm floods Siesta Beach with rain water. The puddles are like
mirrored lakes, and make for interesting imagery. People, birds, and reflections on a rain flooded
Siesta Key Beach. TRT 1:49

1) Wide shot of a rain flooded siesta key beach reflecting the sky like a mirror.

2) Varired shot showing bench.

3,4,5) Three shots of Woman pushing her baby stroller through water on beach: wide, medium, tight.

6) Bird (tern) vertical reflection in water.

7) Couple walking in rain water.

8) Close shot of feet splashing in rain water.

9) Another couple walking in rain water out to see sunset.

10) Boy stomping through rain water with sandals.

11) Tighter shot of feet.

12) Wide shot of girl skim boarding in rain water.

13) Alternate wide shot of rain flooded beach with entrance path.

14) Clouds from rain storm that pushed offshore.