7/7/2013 Herrin, IL Heavy Rain and Storms

Severe storms with heavy rain and wind moved across portions of southern IL prompting severe storm warnings and even a couple tornado warnings as storms moved into Kentucky.

Many reports of rain upwards of 0.50"-1.00" or more fell in short amounts of times with these slow moving storms. Even some minor tree damage occurred.

Video package shot in the town of Herrin, Illinois, which is northwest of Marion in the southern part of the state.

Scene 1-2: POV shots during storm with oncoming cars driving into the heavy rain/wind.

Scene 3: POV during storm with car driving across frame with heavy rain/wind.

Scene 4: Shot of heavy rain/wind with lightning flash.

Scene 5: POV during rain in downtown Herrin.

Scene 6: Shot looking down Park Avenue in Herrin with street lights and rain with passing cars.

Scene 7: Shot of two cars driving in rain with wind blowing water off car roofs.

Scene 8-9: Close up of street lights with heavy rain falling.

Scene 10: Red pickup drives through ponding on road.

Scene 11-14: Cars driving through ponding water.

Scene 15: Shot of water running over road.

Scene 16: Large tree limb down along Herrin Road on the west side of town blocking the westbound lane. Vehicle going around limb.

Scene 17: Close shot of large limb with oncoming vehicle driving around it.

Scene 18: Shot of another limb down along Herrin Road.

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