6/26/2013 Jackson County, IL Severe Storms

A line of severe storms that developed northwest of St. Louis pushed southeast across southern IL into Missouri and Kentucky bringing heavy rains, wind, some hail and even funnel cloud reports.

Minor damage was reported in parts of Illinois as a result of these storms.

Video package shot along US-51 in Jackson County. Early shots taken from Dowell, flooding shots in Carbondale, and damage shots in Elkville and De Soto.

Scene 1: Storm clouds moving in to Jackson County.

Scene 2-3: Leading edge of storm clouds.

Scene 4: High winds push into Dowell.

Scene 5: Close up of tree in high winds.

Scene 6: Very strong gust bends tree in winds.

Scene 7: Large tree in high wind and rain.

Scene 8: POV shot with oncoming traffic in high winds and rain.

Scene 9-10: Vehicles northbound on US-51 avoid debris in the road during storm.

Scene 11-12: Shot during storm of a toppled sign.

Scene 13: Firetruck passes in background of minor flooded street in Carbondale.

Scene 14-20: Various shots of vehicles driving through minor street flooding in Carbondale.

Scene 21: POV in Elkville neighborhood driving around down branch.

Scene 22: Large branch laying on ground next to US-51 in Elkville.

Scene 23: Wide shot of tree with down limb in a front yard in Elkville.

Scene 24: Close shot of down limb in front yard in Elkville.

Scene 25: Panned shot of two limbs down near a parking lot in De Soto.

Scene 26: Limb down near mailbox in De Soto.

Scene 27: Limb down in lawn in De Soto.

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