6/23/2013 Byers, CO Blizzard Hailer B-Roll

A line of severe storms exploded east of Denver prompting a slew of severe thunderstorm and even tornado warnings. Storms produced copious amounts of hail, mostly smaller than 1-inch, but lots of it.

Video shot along US-36 in Adams County about 5-10 miles EAST of Byers, CO. Hail stops traffic along US-36 as visibility lowered to near zero at times and roads became covered in hail several inches deep making for very slick driving conditions.

TRT – 3:36

Scene 1-2: Wide shots of storm with hail shaft and flashes of lightning.

Scene 3: Lowering on leading edge of the storm during the tornado warning.

Scene 4: Blowing dust gusting out from storm.

Scene 5: POV with hail covering road with police with lights driving by.

Scene 6: POV with three vehicles scattered on shoulders during hail.

Scene 7: POV looking down a hill at wintery hail scene.

Scene 8: POV on US-36 with hail several inches deep with various cars pulled off.

Scene 9: Shot of hail covered road with two vehicles pulled off.

Scene 10: Vehicle leaving parking spot in hail and spinning tires a bit.

Scene 11: POV passing parked car in accumulated hail.

Scene 12: Van drives by on hail during storm.

Scene 13: Oncoming vehicle in hail with rooster tail.

Scene 14: Looking back at hail with van driving away in hail.

Scene 15: Looking down hail covered road/hill with vehicles parked.

Scene 16: Oncoming car on hail covered road.

Scene 17: Hail landscape with street sign in foreground.

Scene 18: Hail and wind with trees.

Scene 19: Hail on road and falling with trees.

Scene 20: Tight to wide pan of hail covered road during storm

Scene 21: Heavy hail covering road and falling.

Scene 22: Shot of hail with water flow.

Scene 23: Shot of street covered in hail.

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