5/19/2013 Shawnee, OK Wedge Tornado

B-Roll footage of the deadly Shawnee, OK Wedge tornado.

0:00 – 1:20: Various Stages of the Shawnee, Oklahoma tornado as it goes from Stovepipe to wedge and back to Stovepipe. Filmed 4 W of Shawnee looking 2 miles WNW

1:20-1:33 – Power flashes as the Shawnee, OK tornado approaches from the west. Filmed 4 W of Shawnee looking W

1:33 – 2:11 – Various stages of the Shawnee, OK tornado as it developed just to the east of Lake Thunderbird. Filmed 3 E of Lake Thunderbird on Highway 9.

2:11 – 2:38: The Edmond, Oklahoma tornado. Shot from Pops Convenience Store in Arcadia, Oklahoma looking west.

2:38 – 2:51: The Luther, Oklahoma wedge touches down for the first time.

2:51 – 3:00: Wedge tornado north of Wellston, Oklahoma.

3:00 – 3:06: Wedge tornado 5 SW of Carney, Oklahoma.

3:06 – 3:38: Wedge tornado becomes wrapped in rain as it enters the town of Carney. Filmed 1.5 miles south of town on highway 177.