5/11/2013 Mille Lacs Lake Glacial Ice Aftermath

High winds from a strong low pressure system and the almost ice covered lake caused what can only be called a Mini Glacier event on the south side of Mille Lacs Lake in the town of Onamia, MN.

With winds gusting over 35 miles per hour this morning, part of the massive ice sheet covering the lake started to move and when it moved, it moved south and came on shore like a glacier into the Izatys Resort area.

Footage shot on the south side of Mille Lacs Lake (Pronounced Mil-Lac-s) and is French for "One Thousand Lakes" because of it size.  The area is located about 100 miles north of Minneapolis, MN.  Mille Lacs is the second largest lake in the state of Minnesota.  It has an area of 132,516 acres or 207.06mi² which was still over 90 percent covered in about 12 to 15 inches of ice this morning.  

By the time it was over, the depth of the mini glacier was one to three feet at the edge near the town houses to over 25 feet at the lake shore.  Maintenance personal for Izatys Resort said that clean up could take all summer due to the ice moving massive lake side and under water boulders onto the shore.  

Clip 1 Pan up shot of large ice boulders on shore to the still ice covered lake.

Clip 2 Pull back shot of the ground pushed upwards where the grass is now deformed from the force of the ice being pushed on shore.

Clip 3 A dog playing on the shore line on the ice blocks that are the size of a small car.

Clip 4 People standing on massive blocks of ice with a huge glacial ice mass behind them.  

Clip 5 – 6 Tree's stripped of the bark from the force of the ice moving on shore.

Clip 7 Massive ice piled up against a home along the lake shore and the ice crashed through the from of the porch.

Clip 8 Bulldozer parked after pushing back some of the ice from the homes.

Clip 9 Pull back shot of the ice after it crashed through this home.  

Clip 10 View from the side of after Ice smashed in the front of the porch on this town home.

Clip 11 Large ice boulders piled up against the side of the town homes.

Clip 12 Ice piled up on the shore that is at least 15 feet high

Clip 13 Pullback shot of massive amounts of ice piled up on the shoreline where it was over 20 feet in the air.  

Clip 14 Ice stacked up on the shore line to 15-20 feet high.

Clip 15 Ice covered the yard after crews patched up the hole in the side of a town home that was damaged by the ice flow.

Clip 16 Pan left shot of massive ice boulders up against the town homes.

Clip 17 Pan left shot of the huge piles of ice stacked up along the shoreline, shot from the shifting ice on the water.

Clip 18 Push in shot of the home that was damaged and a metal picnic table that was cast aside like a toy by the ice.  

Clip 19 – 20 What was left of the picnic table after the ice flow.

Clip 21 Ice piled up three feet high against a home and smashed their grill.

Clip 22 Someone walking on the massive ice boulders.

Clip 23 People walking along the massive ice chunks on the shoreline

Clip 24 Trees covered by the ice with lots of ice boulders

Clip 25 Some crazy fool thought it was a good day to go wind surfing on the ice.

Clip 26 Pull back shot of a massive ice chunk that is at least three feet by three feet by one foot thick and it pulls back to show the ice piled up against the homes.

Clip 27 Ice piled up against a home with the patio furniture still in place but the drain was partial ripped off the home.

Clip 28 Massive ice boulders next to actual boulders.  

Clip 29 A field of ice boulders

Clip 30 – 32  A mountain of ice along the shoreline

Clip 33 What was left of trees after being smashed into by the ice.

Clip 34 Pull back shot of the ice where it was over 20 feet high.