5/10/2013 Castroville, TX Severe Storm Package

An outbreak of severe weather caps off a busy week across southern and central Texas.

Several long-track supercells forming in Mexico moved into the state and dropped very large hail, high winds, and caused some minor flooding.

Video package shot in and around the town of Castroville, Texas in Medina County west of San Antonio.

TRT – 4:34

Scene 1: Wide shot of impressive storm structure and wall cloud west of Castroville.

Scene 2: Wide shot of storm with lightning strike.

Scene 3: Shot of storm clouds in town with vivid lightning strike.

Scene 4-6: Dust blowing and creating low visibilities along US-90 west of Catroville.

Scene 7: Chaser filming oncoming dust and closing window as dust overtakes vehicle and makes trees in foreground disappear completely.

Scene 8: POV driving through blowing dust.

Scene 9: Storm arrives in Castroville with high winds and rain, shot of truck at gas station in storm.

Scene 10: Shot of car as 1.25" hail pounds into parking lot.

Scene 11-13: Shots of 1.25" hail falling hard in storm.

Scene 14: Shot of parking lot after majority of hail stops falling showing stones.

Scene 15: Cars driving through street flooding with hail drift in foreground as rain falls.

Scene 16: Cars driving through street flooding with hail river flowing.

Scene 17: Cars driving through street flooding with hail drift in foreground as rain falls.

Scene 18: Cars driving through street flooding.

Scene 19: Shot of half-foot deep hail drifts.

Scene 20: Post storm shot of a neighborhood street turned into a river as truck drives through.

Scene 21: Slow oncoming car driving through street river.

Scene 22: Slow car driving away from camera through street flood.

Scene 23: Shot of water flowing fast across intersection.

Scene 24-25: Tight and wide shots of street turned into a river.

Scene 26-27: Shot of neighborhood roads covered in shredded leaves from the hail.

Scene 28: Shot of parking lot covered in hail post-storm.

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