5/9/2013 Ballinger, TX Damaging Baseball Size Hail B-Roll

Severe storms ripped across central Texas on Thursday with massive hail causing damage to numerous vehicles.

Many reports of hail up to and exceeding baseball sized were reported with supercells that developed around and south of Abilene.

Video shot in and around the town of Ballinger, Texas in Runnels County along US-83.

TRT – 3:56

Scene 1: Establishing wide shot of the supercell moments before the hail began on the highway.

Scene 2: Shot of ragged wall cloud.

Scene 3: POV with excellent sound of vehicle being hit with baseball sized hail. Even a crack appears on camera when a stone strikes the windshield.

Scene 4-5: POV of hail on US-83.

Scene 6: Shot of pickup truck in high winds and heavy hail.

Scene 7: Insane amounts of hail coming down furiously during storm.

Scene 8: Pan shot of tree to a pickup truck during hailstorm.

Scene 9: Heavy hail falling and covering the ground.

Scene 10: Hail falling near farm structure.

Scene 11-13: Various shots of very heavy hail falling looking like a blizzard.

Scene 14: Wind and hail

Scene 15: Panning shot of hail up to baseball size covering the ground.

Scene 16: Large hail in hand with hail on ground below.

Scene 17: Shot of a stone nearly 3-inches long being compared to a shattered windshield.

Scene 18-19: Shot of hailstones to busted windshields.

Scene 20: Shot of large stone compared to racquetball.

Scene 21: Shots of large stones with ruler, lime, and racquetball.

Scene 22: Shot of racquetball and lime with multiple large stones.

Scene 23: Shot of a spikey stone measured up to 2.75" in diameter.

Scene 24-26: Shot of a pickup truck that slid off the highway during the storm. Last shot includes panning of hood with leaf debris.