5/8/2013 Protection, KS Funnel Hail Supercell

Brand new video in from Tony Laubach´╗┐ of the hail and funnel clouds around the Protection KS area. 

An outbreak of severe weather impacts Kansas and Oklahoma with large hail and beautiful storms! This is the first of a three day stint of severe weather across the central and southern plains.

Video shot around Protection, KS in Comanche County.

Scene 1: Wide shot of LP supercell

Scene 2: Wide shot of LP supercell

Scene 3-4: Panning shots of ominous clouds

Scene 5: Horizontal cone funnel

Scene 6: POV in high contrast hail

Scene 7: High contrast hail up to golfballs.

Scene 8-9: Shots of road with large hail falling and hitting.

Scene 10: Pan shot from storm to street with hail.

Scene 11: Wide shot of high contrast hail and rainbow.

Scene 12-15: Golfball hailstones compared and measured.

Scene 16: Hail in hand.