5/4/2013 Saint Cloud, MN Pipe Bomb B-Roll

Domestic Terror hits the heartland.  

Residents and business along a a section of 29th Avenue and 1st Street North were evacuated and the street was blocked off all afternoon after a IED was found by local resident Corey Gaulrapp.  

Gaulrapp says he discovered the item, while walking along the street which he said he believes was a pipe bomb.  He picked up the object before realizing what it was and then contacted police to tell him what he found.

The IED was located along the street outside of the Saint Cloud Hospital, Home Care offices.

The Crow Wing County bomb squad was called in to destroy the suspicious object Saturday afternoon about 4:45 p.m. and police say it did contain explosives.

Law enforcement is still investigating.

Clip 01 Police setting up the yellow tape

Clip 02 Squad car blocking the road

Clip 03 Corey Gaulrapp who found the IED talking about what he was doing and pan back to the location of the IED on the side of the road.

Clip 04 Corey Gaulrapp interview.

Clip 05 Crow Wing County Bomb Squad showing up.

Clip 06 Police SUV Blocking the road

Clip 07 Bomb squad truck

Clip 08 Ambulance setting up

Clip 09 Fire crews waiting on standby

Clip 10 – 11 Bomb Squad Tech walking out to the IED

Clip 12 Bomb squad blowing up the IED

Clip 13 Bomb Tech taking off the gear.

Clip 14 – 15 Law enforcement investigating the scene after the IED was neutralized.

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