5/2/2013 Very Rare Kansas City Spring Snow Storm

A rare winter storm slammed into Kansas City, Missouri on Thursday, May 2, 2013. This snow storm set a new record in the area and it is still snowing!!!!

So far the May record for snow fall is around 1.7 inches and today there seems to be around 2 inches accumulated on the grass in various areas. The roads are still warm from the 70/80 degree temperatures KC has had over the past few days. As of late Thursday evening the temperature dropped to around 33/32 degrees after hovering around 35 the majority of the day. In the evening Interstate 435 East Bound became slushy and with minimal visibility one person turned his truck on its side. The driver of the truck was ok and partially laughing about what had happened. He told me that he went to change lanes and since he did not have very good traction on his back tires he ended up rolling it onto its side. When I arrived he was good with no injuries but the Kansas City Police had yet to show up. I talked with him a while and than was given permission to document the accident. The Police showed up and than left. Visibility was around a half mile in some area and when the snow started around rush hour there were a lot of people out and about walking and waiting for the buses at the main bus stop on Main St. in Downtown, KCMO. The snow picked up in the early evening so I ventured out to Loose Park just south of the Country Club Plaza. While out there the snow was coming down at a moderate clip so I was able to document a few of the trees, the fountain in the Rose Garden, snow covered tulips, and ducks as they enjoyed the steam that was being created on the pond.