4/25/2013 Dutchtown, MO Drivers drive thru river flooding

Major flooding continues along the Mississippi River and is causing backups in creeks and smaller rivers that feed into the Mississippi.

Flooding is resulting from these backups several miles from the river.

Video shot in and around the small town of Dutchtown, Missouri just outside of Cape Girardeau. Includes shots of two vehicles precariously navigating a flooded rural road that feeds into Dutchtown and being very fortunate to make it to the other side. Other shots include sandbags barricading homes in town as well as shots of flooded fields.

TRT – 4:58

Scene 1: Establishing shot looking down Missouri Highway 74 with flooded field on the left and city limit sign on right.

Scene 2: Shot of MO-74 with flooding right next to road.

Scene 3: Vehicle entering flooded road along Missouri Highway A juts west of Dutchtown.

Scene 4: Wide shot of vehicle in waters along flooded road.

Scene 5: Tight shot of vehicle in flood waters.

Scene 6: Wide shot of oncoming truck and other vehicle in the middle of the flood waters.

Scene 7: Long zoomed shot of oncoming truck in the flood waters, driving til exiting waters passed camera.

Scene 8: Zoomed shot of first vehicle exiting flood waters on other side of flood.

Scene 9: Shot looking over flooded road at red pickup truck with people.

Scene 10: Shot of empty flooded road.

Scene 11: Signs warning of water on road with flood over road in background.

Scene 12: "Water Over Road" sign with flooded road in background.

Scene 13: Shot of water over road.

Scene 14: Shot of home with sandbags barricading the residence in Dutchtown.

Scene 15-16: Wide shot of house with sandbags in front in Dutchtown.

Scene 17: Shot of sandbag wall near Dutchtown residence.

Scene 18: Close up of sandbag pile.

Scene 19-20: Shot of sandbags along MO-74 in Dutchtown.

Scene 21: Looking over sandbag barricade of farmstead surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 22: Zoomed shot of farmstead surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 23: Flooded field near Dutchtown.

Scene 24: Zoomed shot of sign in flood waters.

Scene 25: Looking down a flooded road to an old farmstead.

Scene 26: Zoomed shot of farmstead surrounded by flooding.

Scene 27: Flooded field with farmstead in background.

Scene 28-29: Flooded fields with many acres under water.