4/15/2013 Sunset, TX Spikey Hailstorm

The first day of a series of severe weather days kicked off across Texas with a couple of severe storms northwest of DFW that produced large, spiked hailstones across northern Texas.

Several more days of severe weather are expected with a major outbreak possible midweek. Meanwhile, this was just the kick off.

TRT – 2:33

Scene 1: Spiked 1.25" hailstone being rotated in hand.

Scene 2: Two spiked stones and two normal stones compared to 50-cent piece.

Scene 3: Two vehicles pulled off the road during storm with NATS.

Scene 4: Vehicle drives by during storm with hail and leaf debris littering roadway.

Scene 5: Parked car with hail falling on grass.

Scene 6: Hail falling and bouncing on grass.

Scene 7: POV with oncoming traffic.

Scene 8: Traffic in hail.

Scene 9: Close-up of traffic in hail.

Scene 10: Two trucks drive in falling hail.

Scene 11: Close-up of hail on roadway.

Scene 12: Hail falling in puddle.

Scene 13, 14: Hail falling and bouncing in grass.

Scene 15: Close up of truck with hail falling.

Scene 16: Hail in grass.

Scene 17: Tight shot of hail in grass.

Scene 18: Chaser holding 4 hailstones in hand.