4/11/2013 Saint Cloud, MN Winter Storm in the middle of spring.

A major winter storm hit the central Minnesota city of Saint Cloud hard before noon today.The storm dumped 9 inches of very heavy wet snow on the area and made driving extremely dangerous.

Total Run Time 6:17

Clip 1 Flags blowing in the heavy snow

Clip 2 So you think it is spring? Pull back shot of heavy snow covering branches with a creek flowing.

Clip 3 Tight shot of heavy snow on a pine tree that looks more like December then Mid April.

Clip 04 Ruler (in my back yard) showing Nine Inches of snow fell in Saint Cloud, MN.

Clip 05 The first sign of spring is the Robins and other song birds migrating into town. Today they are singing the blues.

Clip 06 Robins finding berries to eat that are on top of the heavy wet snow

Clip 07 POV shot of a snow plow almost taking off the front of my truck.

Clip 08 POV shot of a snow plow in Saint Cloud.

Clip 09 Tight shot of the wing plow

Clip 10 Snow plow gets stuck and spins the back tires.

Clip 11 POV driving in white out conditions.

Clip 12 Drive by of car in the ditch

Clip 13 Driving in heavy snow on Interstate 94.

Clip 14 Driving in heavy snow and a plow drives through the shot on Interstate 94.

Clip 15 POV Driving in heavy snow

Clip 16 POV Following snow plows on highway 23

Clip 17 POV White out conditions again on highway 23

Clip 18 Drive by shot of a car in the ditch

Clip 19 Drive by shot of a car in the ditch

Clip 20 Drive by shot of a sports car in the ditch.

Clip 21 Static shot of a car in the ditch

Clip 22 SUV spinning its wheels on ice

Clip 23 Static shot of a car in the ditch

Clip 24 Blowing snow

Clip 25 Static shot of a car in the ditch

Clip 26 Drive by shot of jackknifed semi and a massive backup on Highway 10

Clip 27 Static shot of the jack knifed semi

Clip 28 5th Wheel trailer got hit in an accident.

Clip 29 Police and Wrecker crews pull a tractor trailer out

Clip 30 Police and Wrecker crews pull another tractor trailer out of being stuck

Clip 31 Tracking shot of a snow plow

Clip 32 Snow plow driving towards the camera

Clip 33 Plowing snow with an old cabin in the background

Clip 34 Snow plows driving towards the camera with a side pov shot.

Clip 35 – 39 Crews clean up a wreck on Highway 23 where a car slid under a semi truck. Various shots of EMS, snow plows and police on scene.

Clip 40 Plowing snow down a country road on the west side of town.