4/7/2013 La Crosse, Kansas Hail Storm and Storm Chase

Brand new footage from Brandon Sullivan´╗┐ and the Tornado Titans of the hail hitting in La Crosse, KS tonight

B-Roll footage from Brandon Sullivan with the Tornado Titans chase team of the hail storm that hit the La Crosse, Kansas area Sunday afternoon with golf ball sized hail and a clouds with strong rotation.

Shot 1: Shows cars seeking shelter as 2 inch diameter hail pelts the ground.

Shot 2: Tight shot of sporadic very large hail stones hitting the ground.

Shot 3: Shows a vehicle driving through massive amounts of large hail that is covering the ground.

Shot 4: Wide shot of very large hail hitting the area with vehicles being hit downtown.

Shot 5: Shows an area of rapid rotation underneath of the base of the powerful supercell.

Shot 6: Shows a wide shot of the powerful supercell.