3/29/2013 El Reno, OK Hail Storm Footage

Brand new early season hail storm footage from the storms in El Reno, OK today.

Shot 1: Shows copious amounts of hail covering the ground completely at a wide shot. You can hear the hail hitting buildings in the background.

Shot 2: Tight shot of the hail covering the ground and still falling.

Shot 3: Medium shot of hail falling into a wooded area.

Shot 4: Driving shot of large hail hitting the vehicle and breaking on the windshield and covering the road.

Shot 5: Shot of multiple large hailstones collected.

Shot 6: Wide shot of hail falling, bouncing and collecting.

Shot 7: Dash cam shot of hail hitting the vehicle and windshield.

Shot 8: Shows a hailstone collected.

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