3/21/2013 Kansas City, MO Spring Snow Car Crashes

Another small trace to around a half inch of snow fell on Kansas City, Missouri this first full day of Spring, Thursday, March 21, 2013.

Snow started falling around noon with accumulations starting to show in the grass and a little slush on the roads. This did not stop people from driving like it was a normal rainy day. The roads were semi slick until around 4p or so. Within that time frame there were multiple cars that had slid off the road and/or gotten into an accident. On North bound I-35 heading into Downtown traffic backed up and one lane seemed to be at a dead stopped. This was due to a car which had stalled in the middle of the road on a bridge which was covered in slush and slick. I had to put my vehicle in 4WD to get through it. The next scene was around Independence, Missouri of I-70 around the I-435 junction. A car had slid off the road and the Kansas City Police were there to hold traffic while the car was being pulled off the grassy hill. Following this…at the I-35 North/South Junction around Southwest Trafficway there was a car that had lost control while driving on the off ramp. According to the gentleman who was there with the tow company when the lady started to lose control she closed her eyes and screamed not knowing exactly what had happened. The tow company along with the gentleman who was there for the owner of the car had to move boulders and rocks in order to get the car and the tow truck in a position to where the car could be moved and hauled off. Parts of the bumper of the car were scattered around the ground as well. Than the worst wreck in which I came across was in Lone Jack, Missouri on Highway 50. There was a car which seems to have hit a tracker trailer that had detached from a truck and smashed the front end. What is not pictured in the video is the single cab black track who's front end in completely demolished exposing the engine and seemed to be smashed up into cab. No known details have been seen from this accident.