03/18/2013 Storms & Heavy Rain Carbondale, IL

Strong storms with torrential rains moved through southern Illinois around and just after midnight bringing lightning, some reports of pea-sized hail, and very heavy rains.

With over an inch of rain falling throughout the day across the region, it didn't take much for these early morning storms to create some minor flooding on roads.

Scenes 1-4 establishing shots of storm with heavy rains in street lights with bright flashes of lightning.

Scenes 5-6 POV shots as storm ramps up with lightning flash and rains falling.

Scene 7 POV driving shot in Carbondale.

Scene 8 Carbondale Police SUV driving through ponding on US-51 in Carbondale.

Scenes 9-14 Shots of vehicles driving through ponding along US-51 in Carbondale.

Scene 15 General shot of vehicle driving in rain.

Scene 16 Shot of heavy rain falling on street.

Scenes 17-18 B-roll of ponding and water flowing across streets.

Scene 19-23 B-roll of flooding in neighborhood yards.

Scene 24 Wide shot as storm exits with distant lightning flash.