3/10/2013 Grand Island, NE Jack Knives Close Interstate 80

Blowing snow and strong winds created white-out conditions that closed Interstate 80 (eastbound) at Grand Island. Several accidents, including jack-knifed semis, lead to the closure just after 12:00 pm CDT.

Many motorists were left to sit on I-80 while the road was closed. Blizzard Warnings were extended til 4pm across the area due to the hazardous conditions.

TRT 3:26

Video package opens with POV shot of the first of two jack-knifed semis along I-80 east of Grand Island (between MM319-320) that was blocking the left lane. Various other shots of the accident scene, including up-close of a tow truck, the semi, and emergency crews.

Next shots of a second accident under the NE-2 bridge on the east side of Grand Island (exit 318). Various angles of that accident scene.

Next scene of a cop standing in the blowing snow next to cruiser along I-80.

Next shot of a pick-up truck that spun around facing west on the eastbound lanes of I-80.

Next shot of a trailer in the grass off of I-80.

Next series of shots were taken of the topped traffic in the I-80 closure east of Grand Island.

Next shot of two snow plows going west along I-80.

Final shots POV of low visibility driving along I-80.

(note, videographer still sitting stopped on I-80 as of this upload).