2/25/2013 Wichita, Kansas Winter Travel Hazard / Blizzard Warning

Heavy snow fell over Wichita, Kansas early this afternoon, creating slick roads and hazardous traveling conditions. More snow is expected through the overnight hours with blizzard conditions setting in.

TRT – 4:32

1) White, Mazda 3 stuck on the side of the highway.

2) Motorist Assist getting out to tell traffic to slow down to to accident ahead and slick conditions.

3) Motorist Assist walking a lady back to his truck to sit in the cab. She was involved in a minor fender bender with the tow truck driver.

4) Motorist Assist trying to get traffic to slow down as they approach the accident scene.

5) Shot of Accident scene ahead.

6) Tow truck driver and motorist assist pushing the Mazda 3 back onto the highway ramp.

7) Shot of the accident scene and blue mustang spins out towards the end of the clip.

8) Snow plow passing shot.

9) Accident scene near downtown Wichita involving two pickup trucks.

10) Shot of a Nissan and Toyota truck that had a collision.

11) Front shot of the two trucks.

12) Tow truck driver arrives on scene and talks to city police.

13) Tow truck hooking up to pickup.

14) Tow truck driver loading up the Toyota truck.

15) Shot of traffic in heavy, blowing snow in Wichita, Kansas.

16, 17) Traffic shots along highway 54 (Kellogg) in the city of Wichita.

18) A shot traveling behind two snow plows.

19) Accident scene from shots #1-7 passing the tow truck and driver, which had been clipped by the white SUV. Damage was observed to the passenger side of the tow truck and the drivers side of the SUV after the SUV lost control and slid into the tow truck.

20,21) Barn roof collapse under the weight of the heavy, wet snow.

22,23) Shots of large snowflakes falling in Wichita.

24,25) Traffic shots around Wichita of motorist driving in heavy, wind driven snow.