New Blizzard B-Roll footage from Denver, CO

The second major winter storm in less than a week slams into Colorado early Saturday night with extremely heavy snow and wind.

The storm started just after 9pm local time and quickly dumped a couple inches of snow, mostly over the northern suburbs of Denver. Much more was expected overnight with up to a foot or more expected by Sunday evening.

TRT – 2:55

Video package opens up along I-25 on the north side of Thornton where a C-DOT sign informs truckers of chain laws west of town. Various POV shots along north Denver major highways with extremely heavy snow severely limiting visibility. Several shots of a vehicle off the side of the road near I-25 near Thornton as heavy snow falls. Various other shots of traffic in the extremely heavy falling snow. Shots of snow in the traffic lights as if falls nearly horizontally. Final shot along I-76 near I-25 of a lone vehicle traveling on the highway in the extremely heavy snow.