2/21/2013 Wichita, KS After Snow Clean Up B-Roll

Wichita digs out from the heavy snow after nearly a foot of accumulation.

TRT – 4:23

1) A car that slid off the entrance ramp to interstate 135.

2,3,4,5,6) Various shots of three different trucks trying to pull the car back onto the road.

7) A girl, who got out of school today, is out shoveling the driveway.

8) A snowplow clearing deep snow off of a city street.

9) A couple try to clean off and dig out their car from the heavy snowfall.

10) A red pickup briefly gets stuck in the snow.

11) A snow-packed Wichita street.

12) Snowman shot.

13) A car covered in snow.

14) A tractor plowing snow in downtown Wichita.

15) A man riding a bike.

16,17) Tractors in downtown Wichita clearing the streets.

18) A shot of Douglas street in downtown Wichita.

19) A small tractor clearing sidewalks in downtown Wichita.

20) A man clears the sidewalk with a snowblower.

21) A shot of vehicles covered in snow.

22,23) Shots of interstate 135 covered in snow with very little traffic.