2/13/2013 Saint Cloud, MN Snow Storm

Another round of winter weather impacts central Minnesota this evening and over night as several inches of snow fell across the city of Saint Cloud, MN and making for very slick driving conditions for motorists.

Clip 01 Snow falling with the Saint Cloud, MN down town sign in the shot.

Clip 02 Flags blowing in the snow.

Clip 03 Snow plow along Highway 15 drives towards the camera and the camera pans to a car that is stuck in the ditch.

Clip 04 Two men try to dig out their Audi over of the snow along Highway 15.

Clip 05 A truck on interstate 94 that was pulling snow removal equipment almost crashes as it slips side to side in front of the camera at 55 mph.

Clip 06 SUV stuck in the ditch along Highway 15

Clip 07 Car stuck in the ditch along Interstate 94

Clip 08 Snow plow along highway 23

Clip 09 Snow falling over a church in Saint Joseph, MN (right next to Saint Cloud)

Clip 10 Heavy wet snow collecting on tree branches

Clip 11 Wide shot of a car being pulled out of the ditch along Interstate 94  

Clip 12 Roll by shot of another car in the center ditch on Interstate 94

Clip 13 Roll by shot of a Semi Truck that Jack Knifed on Interstate 94

Clip 14 – 18 POV Shots of snow plows on Highway 23.