1/22/2013 Minneapolis, MN region, it is so cold out…

With some of the coldest temperatures in several year's hitting the Minneapolis, MN region, I shoot footage today with the theme of it is so cold out???

Although there is a lack of overall snow cover in the Minneapolis, MN area, that did not stop the temperatures from dropping into the extreme cold for the past few days with the latest blast of arctic air that dropped south out of Canada.  With early morning a low temperature of negative twelve below zero (-12F), the current high temperature of two above (2F) at the Minneapolis International Airport does not feel much warmer due to the fact that the wind chill is currently at negative eleven (-11F) below zero.

In the video package, the footage starts out with a shot of the Spoon and Cherry at the sculpture garden in Minneapolis, MN with the downtown skyline in the background.   The next clip shows that it is so cold out that the exhaust from the car in front of the camera shows ice sickles hanging off the exhaust pipes as the exhaust vapor froze upon leaving the tail pipe.

The next clip shows the outside air temp at -3F on a bank thermometer at the time of shooting this video which was just after noon.  It was so cold out that even the boiling water in this video turns to a mini cloud when tossed into the air.

It was so cold out that ice crystals in the air created a halo around the noon sun.

Near Monticello, MN, it was so cold out that the steam from the electric power plant was creating its own mini weather system that looked like a super cell rising up into the sky.

Why was it so cold out?  I asked the staff at the National Weather Service, Twin Cities office and Meteorologist Jake Beitlich explains what was going on and why it was so cold out.

Just how cold out was it?  I asked people along Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, MN.  Many said it was so cold out that they really did not even want to be out in this weather but had to.   Judging by the way everyone was dressed, the weather was bitter cold.  The lucky ones were those who were able to move around downtown Minneapolis in the extensive sky-way system.