12/20/2012 Ames, IA Blizzard Conditions

As daylight arrived, so did the extent of the blizzard conditions in the central Iowa city of Ames.  Footage of the extremely hazardous driving conditions that shows several cars and large 4×4 trucks stuck in the snow.

Shot 1: Shows a overpass sign on I35 highlighting the blizzard warning and no travel advised. The road is completely empty.

Shot 2: Shows absolute white out conditions on I35 with over 50mph wind gusts.

Shot 3: Shows a truck stuck in the ditch that has been checked for occupants already and labeled with caution tape.

Shot 4: Shows a close up on the caution tape and iced/snowed over truck.

Shot 5: Shows an Ames resident using a snow blower. The snow is over a foot deep and is above his knees.

Shot 6: Shows an Ames business owner cleaning off his sidewalk with a shovel.

Shot 7: Shows a tight then zoomed out shot of a truck in the ditch with the logo "Storm Guard" on the side.

Shot 8: Shows a mid zoom shot on the same truck's tailgate with caution tape being violently ripped around in the wind.

Shot 9: Shows a car that got stuck in the middle of the ditch.

Shot 10: Shows a truck carrying a bicycle and canoe that got stuck on the I35 off ramp. The caution tape is also visible.

Shot 11: Shows a wide shot of a car that went off a steep embankment off Interstate 35.

Shot 12: Shows a tight shot of the car that went off 35.

Shot 13: Shows city workers trying to remove snow from stoplights.